Tabor College in Hoorn makes super donation

IMG_0582The Tabor College in Hoorn has three locations, where all forms of secondary education are offered: vocational secondary education, higher education, grammar school and a general bi-lingual secondary education.  Anyone wanting to excel at sport has great opportunities at Tabor College, because the variety of sports available is very wide.  They have been elected with good reason by the NOC * NSF from 2008-2010  and elected Sportiest School in the Netherlands !

Why this super donation then to Gambia Sports Foundation ?

At the start of the Tabor Gym there was a lot of clothes purchased. Too much actually.  The majority was no longer used and was kept in store. The college found this unfortunate and looked for a charity which matched their own goals, ie.  Help as many children possible to achieve and play sports and in as nice clothing possible.

The college find it rewarding to know that their clothing will go to children who have nothing, and to think they’ll be doing sport in their donated sports clothing is just amazing.

Through our website,  Tabor College found our Charity.  After reading what we do and seeing that Hans van Breukelen is our Ambassador, they were impressed and decided to donate 3 full pallets of new sportswear to our foundation.

After we made financial arrangements for the transport of the clothes, they were finally delivered to us in Eindhoven. We are extremely proud and happy that the college have chosen us and we know that the youth in the Gambia will go wild when they see they have such beautiful jackets, shirts, en polo shirts to wear. We know the clothes will be gratefully received in the Gambia and they’ll make many children and schools very happy.

We wish to thank most sincerely on behalf of the youth in The Gambia, the Tabor Gyms , and especially Ed Brandsen, Piet Lakeman, Rob Hoekstra and Margriet Halbertsma, with their decision to donate such a fantastic collection of clothing to Gambia Sport.