Around Brabant: VCB football club in Biezenmortel and Kivits Sport, Vlijmen make donations

VCB Biezenmortel

Our tour of Brabant first brought us to Haaren in Oisterwijk, where we visited Hans van Boxtel from  VCB football club in Biezenmortel We’d received an email from Hans telling us that he had football strips and balls ready for us to collect,  and to send to the Gambia.  After a nice coffee together and after loading the strips , we drove to Biezenmortel to collect the balls.  When we arrived there, Hans opened the store and saw to his dismay,  that an over enthusiastic VCB employee, had done a major clear out.

Around 50 balls had  been cleared out.  Hans was really upset and promised that the current  goal nets, which were still in good condition would later be donated to our foundation.  Of course we were happy with that and thanked Hans for his dedication, generosity and  commitment.

Kivits Sport

Coincidentally, Hans  wanted to go to  Kivits Sport in Vlijmen.  We travelled there together, where we shook a surprised Mirella’s hand.  We had received an email from Mirella, the owner of Kivits Sport in Waalwijk, to tell us they had bin bags full of stuff for our foundation.    We were excited because Mirella had made a nice donation of football boots before.  Mirella went  to  the store and handed 4 bags full of clothes and new football boots over to us.  When we got home with all the beautiful clothes and boots,  I could picture the happy faces of those who’ll be lucky enough to receive a pair of these football boots, thanks to Kivits Sport.

The happiness and appreciation from the Gambian youth is fantastic and we’re grateful for the co-operation of people like Hans and Mirella.

On behalf of the children of  the Gambia THANK YOU, in capital letters .