Our Regiomanagers

A unique fact is that we have regional representatives Our representatives provide contacts and represent our charity in their region.

We currently have representatives in Utrecht, Amsterdam, North Brabant, Flevoland, and  also the southern region of Belgium

Another representative has recently joined us.  We’d like to welcome Susan Vrind.   Susan will be responsible for the Meppel area.

If you are interested in representing us in your area,  please send an email to info@gambiasport.nl or fill in the contact form on this site.


Perry WaninkRepresentative Flevoland region

Perry Wanink

E-mail: regio.flevoland@gambiasport.nl

Hello my name is Perry Wanink. In 2010 my wife and I were on holidays in Gambia and were staying at the Palm Beach hotel.
After starting a conversation with one of the waiters from the restaurant, Seiku Camara, he mentioned that their soccer team was dressed by  “Foundation” Gambia. I myself have played soccer for years and I was a trainer at SV Lelystad.

I now train my grandson’s team and I have been  refereeing for the last twenty years, so you can imagine that I was looking forward to see our friend the waiter play with his team. So we went along to support him and his team play one Saturday afternoon.

Ever since then we are supporters of Stichting” Gambia and our club has already a first shipment of clothes on the way.

When Jan asked me to become a regional representative, it did not take me long to say Yes.


susanRepresentative Meppel region

Susan Vrind

E-mail: regio.meppel@gambiasport.nl

Hello, my name is Susan Vrind. I’m originally from Scotland and settled in the Netherlands 15 year ago, with my husband and 3 children. I fell in love with the Gambian people 7 year ago while on holiday. We met so many happy, courteous and strong people, despite living in such poverty. The Gambian people will stay in my heart. I’m also a representative of Foundation Baby Hope, and collect unused medical supplies from maternity packets, which are sent to Gambian clinics to help give mothers and babies a more hygienic birth.

I came across Foundation Gambia Sport when my daughter asked for a new pair of football boots (there was nothing wrong with her old ones). It made me think of the hundreds of football boots going to waste from my football club alone and how I’d love to send them to the children in the Gambia. I looked into it further and found Foundation Gambia Sport. My goal now is to collect as many football boots and football strips possible to send to the Gambian people!!

When the president of the foundation asked me if I was interested to be a district representative for the foundation Gambian Sport in Meppel in the Netherlands I  already knew the answer. Of course I said yes immediately.  Together with the other  region representatives   we want to make from Gambia Sport a very strong foundation.


Glenn WalianRepresentative Amsterdam region

Glenn Walian

E-mail: regio.amsterdam@gambiasport.nl

Hello my name is Glenn Walian

We were eagerly looking to expand the board of our association and were pleased to announce that Glenn Walian came to reinforce our ranks.  Glenn represents our charity in Amsterdam and surrounding area’s.  In every day life, Glenn is a director of King Land & Partners BV.


Rene van BaestRepresentative North Brabant region

René van Baest

E-mail: regio.brabant@gambiasport.nl


In the last quarter of 2011, I (René van Baest) came in contact with Jan Vermeulen of Foundation Gambia Sports after a television programme on TROS.  At that time I had received a lot of football clothing from Willem II, Tilburg. On Gambia Sport’s website, I seen that a lot of good work was being done by them in the Gambia.  I thought it was a great idea to donate all the clothing from Willem II to the foundation,  knowing they would reach the right destination.

I’ve personally worked for many years on a variety of projects, in education and health in the Gambia with Dutch sponsors.   Therefore, I know very well, that all items which are shipped to the Gambia, get a very good first and second life there. The youth of the Gambia deserves this! It was an honor when Jan Vermeulen asked me to be the regional representative for Tilburg and surrounding area.   I’ve been playing my part with Gambia Sport since 2012 and the first donations from Tilburg have been gratefully received.


Nico BakkerRepresentative Utrecht region

Nico Bakker

E-mail: regio.utrecht@gambiasport.nl


I, Nico Bakker (born in 1955) came across Gambia Sport Foundation on Google, while looking for a charity who distributed football strips in developing world countries.  Since then my club FC De Bilt, has held a sponsored youth tournament for the foundation.  I myself, am busy looking for organisations who want to work with us.

I’ve many contacts in football having always played myself.  I’m currently the coach of the Saturday 6th team, and have been for the last 18 years, at FC De Bilt.  I’ve trained and coached this team since they were young boys.  I also help organise and coordinate youth tournaments for De Bilt along with being a member of the sponsor committee.  I also mustn’t forget to mention refereeing the youngsters, early on Saturday mornings, before I coach my own team.

As you can imagine, my free time is mostly spent on football.  I live in Utrecht and work for my son Jordy’s company, Utrecht Promotions.


Franky van de VeldeRepresentative Ghent (Belgium) region

Franky van de Velde

E-mail: info@gambiasport.nl


Some time ago in the Gambia, I met the coach from the 2nd team of the professional club Real de Banjul , Franky van de Velde .

We kept in touch, met regularly, and made a really good connection.  Franky has recently returned to train in his native Belgium.  When I asked Franky if he’d represent our foundation in Belgium, he was happy to take on this position. Franky was born in Ghent and served in the Belgian Air Force. He often flew with the Royal Family of Belgium. From 1978-1995 Franky was a trainer in various youth classes and 1995-1997 coached  under 15 youths.

From 1997-1998 he was a youth coach at SK Lokeren and has organised meeting days for the youth of 2nd division club St Nicholas. 1998-2002 he was the youth coach at KAA Gent, and from 2004-2010 he was a specialised trainer for the top talented youth.  Franky is an excellent overall experienced trainer who specialises in youth football. We are delighted that he represents our foundation in Belgium.

Welcome and of course lots of fun and success with our foundations


If you are interested in representing us in your area,  please send an email to info@gambiasport.nl or fill in the contact form on this site.