HMVV from Hooge Mierde do it again!

Once every four years HMVV from Hooge Mierde, completely replace their football kits. New strips from the mini teams up to the 1st team, with many of their old strips being as good as new. Frans Paridaans of HMVV knows exactly what our charity does and knows that all donations go directly to the Gambia.  He also knows how pleased the children will be with the football strips, because HMVV have already made a major donation to our foundation and have seen pictures of children in the Gambia wearing their strips. HMVV are proud to see that their used football strips get a 2nd life in the Gambia.

We were pleased to receive Frans’  email where he told us, that “something ” was ready for us. We went over to Hooge Mierde to see Frans, and his wife. They welcomed us and while enjoying a cup of coffee together, he informed us that we’d maybe have to make two journeys.  Now we know that people can often exaggerate, and that two bags full is a lot for some, while 10 bags to another, is not.  So we didn’t know what to expect. After a delicious cup of coffee, we went to load the car. When Frans opened the store, we were completely overwhelmed.  Frans had not exaggerated, “this is all for you” Frans said laughing.

We looked at a mountain bags, and found it hard to believe. There was around 35 bags full of complete football strips, for every category, from seniors to infants and a box full of spare shorts and socks.  Everything beautifully washed, folded and sorted into bags, ready for us to take to Eindhoven and transport to the Gambia.  It was truly incredible and wonderful to receive this donation.

Eventually we left Hooge Mierde with the car full to the brim.  We’d made an agreement to come back because indeed, we could not load it all in.   We’d like to thank Frans Paridaans and HMVV wholeheartedly for this donation.  There will be many happy schools and many happy kids. Thank you HMVV on behalf of The Gambia.