Hans van Breukelen ambassador from or Foundation

The more as sympathic Hans van Breukelen recently became the title of our ambassador of our foundation. Hans has visit the Gambia allready on our invitation and has together with a camerateam of Well-Media, the company of B’ner Geert Hoes, our goals and our methods overlooked. Hans was very impressed over what we are doing for the yought in the Gambia. We allready told Hans , you can not discribe feeling, you have to feel it. joy you can discribe that but to see joy is to experience what the children are feeling and that is fantastic.

We had a wonderfull weekend with a smile and a teer . We are very proud that Hans dicided to be our ambassador of our foundation and give him an warm welcome . The TV – Crew has filmed everything so we can look back perhaps on TV to an very wonderfull weekend.

More of this report wil be on our site very soon.