Foundation Gambia Sport

Eindhoven – telephone  06- 50 500 815

We work mainly for the less fortunate schools and football clubs in Gambia.

We collect in The Netherlands and Belgium used sporting uniforms, football uniforms, training equipment and school articles.

These goods are shipped twice annually to Gambia.

All of these goods are personally distributed in Gambia.

What is our “ultimate” objective?

The establishment of a football academy in Gambia

The construction of an artificial turf football field.

Entering football teams in the official Gambian competition.

The establishment of school football clubs to enhance the flow of players to the football academy.

The support of schools with materials such as computers, sporting clothes, sport shoes, balls, writing material, books and mobile telephones.

Helping existing football clubs from the kampongs with football uniforms, shoes and equipment.

The collection of funds for the transport of goods, football school, hire of training fields, appointment of coaches and the purchasing of school materials.