Thank you from The Gambia



Hello Yankuba,

Its give me great pleasure and admiration to write to you on be half of the our football academy.
I am the new academy secretary of Nema Football Academy (NFA). Mustapha and the rest of the coaching staffs told me about your contribution towards our football academy. He also told the possibility of looking for a better name for our football academy which we would be more than happy to do.

He also ask me to attached this pictures and sent it to you because it would be of real use to you,attached is the pictures.
About our email address we have chosen to make it short since many people say the full name of the academy is too long and thanks to your advice with mustapha we have now decided to make it short see it below.
We are also looking forward to your arrival in 2013 and visiting our academy again and it would be a pleasure for me to meet you online for the first time too..
Let me stop her for now and do let me know if you need any info or document from us i would be more than happy to sent it to you.

Yours faithfully,
Saffie Jallow.








16-12-2012         Hello Yankuba

I  hope you reached safely and i know  you have settle down now. We too we are here training hard with the boys. We will  be updating you regularly.

This photo we are sending was a Academy Tournament  we played at Manjai and now we are called JVC Academy as you told us.

And we  here praying for you and we know in April the academy will be happy. Hope to
hear from you. I text you hope you received It.

Manager, JVC Football Academy




Hello Yankuba

Big thanks to Yankuba he has been supportive since day one rally behind his team and has done tremendous things for this football club encouragement,giving out jerseys,footballs etc yankuba we so grateful to you and behave of the entire team we saying big thanks to you looking forward to see you in the friday victory inshallah. Yankuba thank you so very much…………..

Lamin Camara

Thesday, November 13, 2012

Nemakunku Football Academy receives donation From Foundation Gambia Sport

Yankuba Vermeulen, a Dutch national and founder of Foundation Gambia Sports, has donated jerseys, balls and other football materials to Gift of Nema football Academy in Nemakunku village. The donation, made over the weekend, was meant to encourage the playing of soccer,
fitness and developing of youth football talents in the area and its surrounding.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Yankuba Vermeulen said football is a business entity and involves too much money. Football associations cannot do it all alone, and therefore it needs people like him to come on board and do their quota, Vermeulen said.

He went on to assure the academy that this was just the beginning, and that they would get his full support provided that they take soccer and education seriously. Mr. Vermeulen added that his aim is to take football to the highest desirable standards in The Gambia.

He said that this was not his first time being involved in Gambian sports, particularly football, adding that he has worked with divisional clubs, and football academies and local Nawettan clubs in the Greater Banjul Area and its surroundings. He advised the kids to take soccer and education seriously, saying that the sky will be the limit for them.

Mustapha Jallow, one of the founders of the academy, expressed his delight and appreciation to Mr. Vermeulen  for the magnanimous gesture, and promised that the football materials would be put into good use. Mr. Jallow urged other people to emulate Mr. Vermeulen in order for sports to reach where Gambians want it to be.

Jakaria Bah also a founder of the academy expressed similar sentiments, revealing that he and Mustapha Jallow are the founder of the academy, which they deemed necessary to give a chance to the children of Nemakunku village and it’s surroundings to learn the basic skills of soccer at a very young age.

He said that the academy comprises training and developing of young players age 8-17. The kids are being assisted by Lamin Owens, a former Gambian international footballer.

Article From The Point d.d. 13-12-2012


21-3-2012                 Hello my friend,
I,m glad to write to extend my best regards to you and your wife Natou.How are you? hope you are fine.We just miss you so much.I and my staff and the kids are not forgetting you for ever.Everybody at the school and together with the community where taking about you that you are some body who have good intention to help this school.The kids everyday they are singing your name and Natou.This is Yankuba,this is Yankuba here he is,here he is,do you love yankuba,yes we do,yes we do.Thank you Yankuba,thank you yankuba whats you do for the school,whats you do for the school may God bless you what you want.Thank you so much for the Gamtel data system which i,m enjoying at this moment.I want to remind you when coming don,t forget the lap top battery and the flesh driver.
Thank you Yankuba, the future of this school is in your hand.The school is definitely need your support.I think you have read the letter i wrote to you about that  meeting which i went the last time at the regional Education.All the information i tolled you in that Email its a true story.